Debian packages release names [Update]

The "I'm bored" release.

nice -n 19 find /usr/share/doc -name changelog.Debian.gz -exec zgrep "\* The .* [Rr]elease" {} \; | sort | uniq | bogosort -n | head -40

* The "Crack-smoking Squirrel" release.
* The "I should not have got out of bed yesterday" release
* The "Wohoo-we-are-going-to-main" release.
* The "And I thought IE had security bugs!" release.
* The "First snow in Finland" release.
* The "please buy me a brain" release
* The "I speak better English than this villian Bush" release.
* The "Brief Return From The Hell" release.
* The "Stoned Monkey" release.
* The "Let's do it cleaner" release.
* The "Fuck Me Harder" release.
* The "All or Nothing" release
* The "What's my name? Say my name, bitch!" release.
* The "next time I will buy myself a powerpc" release.
* The "I'm in such a hurry" release!
* The "I *hate* when that happens" release.
* The 'DOH!' release.
* The "laptop envy (damn tbm for having a nicer one than me)" release.
* The "Drunken Iceweasel" release.
* The "Follow the white rabbit" Release.
* The "someone should take my compiler away from me" release
* The "Ooops, I did it again" release
* The "Argh-I-took-the-wrong-version" release.
* The "Friday before Christmas" Release :-)
* The 'Yes, I need more sleep, and also to test my releases' release.
* The "you can't get sunburn at Finland" release.
* The "Chainsaw Psycho" release.
* The "Son of Drunken Iceweasel" release.
* The "Perl Sucks" release.
* The "I fucking hate libtool" release.
* The 'No, I don't use CVS' release.
* The "Throwing stuff away like mad and seeing if it still builds" release.
* The "This Space Intentionally Left Blank" Release
* The "From now on all of my world-killing weapons will be kept a TOTAL SECRET!" release.
* The "Lesbian Seagull" release.
* The "Oh my God, they killed Python, you bastards!" release.
* The "Evil Bitch Monster of Death" release.
* The "Pain as bright as steel" release.
* The "I've been hiding under a rock for two weeks" release.
* The "Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die..." release

I didn't bother to run it on the whole Debian archive on one of the Debian developer machines, as that would have probably pissed off some admins...

(via Jonathan Carter)

Update 2006-05-10: I have now created a list of "all" release strings in Debian unstable, which is available for download and further processing ;-)


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Hallo, wollte nochmal kurz nach dem Update nachfragen... Gruss, Frank

with package names

In an IRC about this someone suggested a solution that also prints the package names ;-):

zgrep "\* The .* [Rr]elease" /usr/share/doc/*/changelog.Debian.gz | sort | uniq | bogosort

Package names

Thanks for the hint! I'll post a full list of all strings in Debian unstable soonish, and I'll include the package names.


Ubuntu Breezy

That is for Ubuntu Breezy:

cemil@fusie:~$nice -n 19 find /usr/share/doc -name changelog.Debian.gz -exec zgrep "\* The .* [Rr]elease" {} \; | sort | uniq | bogosort -n | head -40
* The "timeout" release.
* The "from kde maintainers to m68k porters with love" release.
* The "trudging the sludge" release.
* The "Crypto in main" release.
* The "Ooops, I did it again" release
* The M13 Release (Mozilla Alpha! We're getting closer, everyone.)
* The "do-upload-the-debs-you-checked-and-no-other-debs" release.
* The "GNU autotools are a pain in the arse" release
* The "Don't believe lintian blindly" release
* The "DOH!" release.
* The "Ok, wrong patch, excuse me guys :)" release.
* The "Wingslinger's is definitely a mafia front" release.
* The "gar, didn't I fix this already" release
* The "This one goes out wearing a brown paper bag" release
* The "get this sucker ready for a woody" release
* The Great Unification Release:
* The `it rains in Sydney' release
* The 'hell with sdbm' release.
* The `Someone teach me C' release
* The "What's my name? Say my name, bitch!" release.
* The "I really need a vacation" release.
* The "Cardboard Messiah" release.
* The "Non chiedermi nulla" release.
* The Lets-get-rid-of-dbs release. Now using perl's patching method.
* The "What was I thinking?" release.
* The "bathwater, no baby" release.
* The 'roll on 0.60' release.
* The "I should take up Tae Kwon Do again as a stress reliever" release.
* The 'grr... dpkg' release. Fixes possibly troublesome package
* The "migrating from -0.x to -1 is difficult" release ;)
* The "Np237 is a lamer" release.
* The 'I broke it, I have to take credit for it' release.
* The "thanks for the 'testing'" release.
* The '3 years and 38 days to fix a new upstream release bug' release (Closes: #95303, #246136)
* The "No more complaining" release, part 1.
* The "sorry Chris Gray" release.
* The "The obviously begging in a changelog works" release.
* The "Pierre, we are so glad you are back home and feeling better" release.
* The "Starbucks To Begin Sinister 'Phase Two' Of Operation" release.
* The "Maintainer's birthday" release.

Only 40

Please note that this is just a random selection (bogosort -n) of 40 lines (head -40)! There are lots more in reality, in case you want to read them all ;)

I'll post the full list soonish...


nice work

i knew that packages come with `brilliant` release names.

its nice to see them all in one list.

i shared this with the guys via my weblog.

uniq -c

uniq -c | sort -nk1 would be nice to see if any of them had been repeated (unlikely I suppose)


There are lots of duplicates, as many source packages result in multiple binary packages (e.g. libfoo, libfoo-dbg, and libfoo-dev) and each binary package usually has the changelog file...


man sort

You can replace 'sort | uniq' with 'sort -u'.

Noted, thanks.

Noted, thanks.

Would be nice to get from the whole debian archive

With the nice -n 19 no admin should get angry! And would be nice to see all that list! :)


I'll see whether I find the time to do it. I need to rewrite the query a bit, as the archive structure on the Debian machines is different...

I'll post an update here if and when I have done it.


That would be nice. I'm also interested in ...