Checking the ink level of your printer with ink / libinklevel / qink

qink screenshot

Very nice tool I recently discovered: ink, a small tool using libinklevel, used to query the ink level of your printer (USB or parallel). In my case this is an Epson Stylus DX4200 (which works very nicely and out of the box btw).


$ apt-get install ink


$ ink -p usb
ink v0.4.1 © 2007 Markus Heinz

EPSON Stylus DX4200

Cyan:                          76%
Magenta:                       76%
Yellow:                        76%
Photoblack:                    72%

Graphical ink level display:

$ apt-get install qink

Another nice tool built upon libinklevel is called qink, which is a QT-based GUI which displays the same information graphically (see screenshot).

A list of printers supported by libinklevel is available.


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i like that stuff

thats so cool...i want to try that in case my ink is getting low. is that how to install the program of it? ill try that.

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Hello !!!I think it´s

Hello !!!
I think it´s excellent that tool, where can I find it ? And if you can give me more information of all this, other links or pages , it will be a pleasure ...

Thanks a lot

SNMP ink querying?

I just learnt about this program - and it made me drop a mail to libinklevel's author, suggesting him to add SNMP as another option, just as another kind of port. I think it would really enhance the functionality.

Permission details

If you plan to use this with a parallel printer, make sure your user is part of group lp, or that you have read/write permissions to /dev/parport0.


There is also mtink, if you have an Epson printer.