256 Creative Commons Christmas Songs

Christmas Tree

Yes, it's that time of the year again... it's almost Christmas, which means that I once again updated my 10 + 100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs blog article I originally wrote in 2005. That's a collection of a lot of freely downloadable, Creative Commons licensed Christmas music.

Some of the older entries in the list are no longer available unfortunately, some only needed a URL update, and I also added more than 30 new songs this year.

This currently makes a total of 256 CC Christmas songs (more will probably be added over the next few days), so head over to the full song list and get those downloads started...

(Photo: Wikipedia. Author: Malene Thyssen. License: GFDL 1.2 / CC-BY-SA 2.5)


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I'm sentimental

I'm a very sentimental person especially when it comes to remembering and listening to my favorite Christmas songs. I like your blog. You made me reminisce my childhood. You're skill in putting together these timeless songs is one-of-a-kind.

That is awesome

To be very true, it is difficult to find all those songs at single site or blog. Although there are many blogs who have such songs but this is an awesome list. Thanks for sharing it.

Links from Debian planet


The links from Debian planet seems not work properly.

Clicking "Read More" direct me to: http://www.hermann-uwe.de/1428%20at%20http://www.hermann-uwe.de

Dead link?

Hm, can't spot any broken links right now, maybe it was fixed meanwhile?

Dead link

thank you for articles and link not use