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My Firewall / Iptables Scripts

I have just uploaded fw_laptop, the firewall script I use to secure my laptop and/or desktop machines (but not my servers), in the Security section of my homepage. The script is GPL'ed and work in progress. I'm happy to receive feedback and/or corrections and suggestions regarding the script.

I will publish other similar scripts for different purposes when time permits.

What the...

So from 2007 onwards The Man™ wants all Germans to pay "Internet-Rundfunkgebühr" (a fee which one was forced to pay if one owned a TV or radio. Now it suffices to own a computer which can be connected to the Internet).

(via Telepolis)

Linux Fixes Two Local Root Exploits

Linux has been released, which fixes two locally exploitable security issues. Another similar bug has been fixed recently by
Every Linux box with local users should be upgraded ASAP. My laptop is already compiling away happily (although I'm the only one who has an account on it of course, but you never know)...

(via Heise)

All My Emails Should Be GPG-Signed Now

As some of you might have noticed, I started to sign all my emails with my GPG key a few days ago. I knew for quite a while that this is a good practice, but I just didn't get around to actually do it. Until now.

Technically, I simply added set pgp_autosign to my .muttrc, and that's it. Now mutt asks me for my passphrase upon every email I try to send and then signs it.

So... if you should receive any funny email from "me" somewhen and it's not signed, it's most probably not an email from me but either someone trying to fuck with me, spam, a virus, a trojan, a phishing mail or any other scum you can imagine.

Company Photos and Clue Bananas

Hm, how about writing server passwords on a whiteboard and then releasing marketing brochures with photos of that whiteboard? Great idea...

(via A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator)

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